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H.M. Constance - Hannah Constance - Artist

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H.M. Constance - Hannah Constance - Artist

I studied Fine Art and graduated in 2015. I never thought I would be able to pursue a career in the Art world as I was led to believe it was extremely difficult, and I was always told to "get a real job" so for the next 6 years I tried my best to find a job in every field but nothing fulfilled or satisfied my needs. At this point I had been diving back into art and painting casually, then Covid hit us in march 2020 and everything changed. At this point I was manager in Harper BnB in Belfast, and my boyfriend and I had just bought a van to travel in. It had a lot of work needing done to it so throughout lockdown we fixed it up and then took off when lockdown lifted to Co. Kerry.

As soon as we got to Co. Kerry, we had planned to stay with a family in their yoga retreat/BnB “Aloha House” and do some work for them and then move on to the next destination. However, lockdown hit again, and we ended up staying with them for 4 months. Throughout that period, I painted my first mural in their yoga studio, and from there, more people started asking me for commissions and murals.

When we got back to Belfast, I once again was in a mundane job and so I had the idea to start up my business in November 2021. I wanted to become a full-time artist, and paint large paintings and murals across the world! I went through Ormeau Business Park and the "Go for it programme" to help me with my business plan and to gain more knowledge and advice on setting up a new business. 

The first few months whereas expected very slow, as I was trying to build up a cliental and a portfolio, and just show people what I can do. One job started coming after another and from there my business has started to grow! I painted a small mural in the "Hit the North" festival in Belfast and have met loads of fellow artists and creatives. Now I have painted for businesses across Belfast & Ireland, the BBC, ITV and more! I have even teamed up with fellow artists to do a few collaborations together!’ 

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